Conversation with Gary Jones

In this MitchellTalks episode SAI Gary Jones responds to the criticism he’s received over the recent audit of the state VA system. Much of the heat stems from the audit's findings: the VA director called it a ‘political hit job’ and the Daily Oklahoman slammed the report as little more than rumor mongering and lacking in substance.

However, some Oklahoma House Democrats and the state employee association have positively reviewed the findings.

My criticism is focused of the timing of the report, coming less than a month before the auditor’s deputy, Cyndi Bird, faces a runoff with Charles Prater in the GOP primary to see who will succeed the term-limited auditor.

I agreed to let Mr. Jones respond, and I agreed with him to press my point. The entire interview is presented here for your scrutiny. None of our conversation is edited or altered apart from the insertion of a segment of last week’s YVC to which Mr. Jones took exception.