News9 Hot Seat with Scott Mitchell

Martin Ramirez of Stand for Children details the SOS Coalition's plan to save our state from impending budget doom.

The Final Word: The Shocking Disparities in Education Funding

The MITCHELLTALKS mission is to emphasize important stories often overlooked or ignored. Our feature video on school funding inequality fits precisely into that charge. It was viewed by thousands, and prompted dozens of comments and messages.

We used data from the Oklahoma State Department of Education and from as the basis of the report, along with references in other media for illustrative purposes. We encourage viewers to carefully study both reports.

The SDE report provides detail on what was included, and the numbers in our report reflect that information. Some have suggested that some alterations in the data would more accurately reflect the extent of the inequality statewide; however, it is impossible to exclude ad valorem since it is a chargeable within the state aid formula in two critical categories.

We appreciate the feedback. In the future, if our sources publish a more detailed report of the inequality we will distribute that study.

Education funding is a critically important yet complex and controversial topic. Our report aims to promote discussion only. We want viewers to decide: we offer no conclusions as to why the inequality exists, nor do we offer a remedy for the inequality.

In 1919, Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. in his dissent regarding Abrams v. United States used the term “free trade in ideas” to argue that truth emerges when free and transparent discussions compete. This is our contribution to that discussion. We thank all who watched and all who responded.

Oklahoma District Attorneys Association - "Just the Facts" - Live Broadcast

Stay Tuned here at 4:00PM CST for the Oklahoma District Attorneys Association education forum, "Just the Facts". 

(OKC) The Oklahoma District Attorneys Association is hosting a live educational forum on State Questions 780 and 781 Tuesday, November 1, 2016.

The forum will be broadcast live utilizing Facebook Live beginning at 4:00 P.M. CDT.

"The ODAA believes it is critical for Oklahomans to have as much accurate information as possible when they vote on State Question 780 & 781," said ODAA President Mike Fields.

The one-hour broadcast, "Just The Facts," will feature 6 district attorneys and will be moderated by Scott Mitchell.

The participating District Attorneys are:
District 4 District Attorney and ODAA President Mike Fields
District 21 District Attorney Greg Mashburn
District 15 District Attorney Orvil Loge
District 11 District Attorney Kevin Buchanan
District 2 District Attorney Angela Marsee
District 14 First Assistant District Attorney John David Luton
District 6 District Attorney Jason Hicks


Today we launch the Mitchell Talks New Media network. 

The idea comes from listening to the people that have watched and listened to the conversations I've presented over the years. They've continually asked for more conversation and less interruptions. That's what we begin today. 

Sadly, the old media ways are dying. Now we can have more of the ground-breaking conversations we've had on radio without signal  limitations and often cringe-worthy commercials.

We'll still focus in depth on the topics so often ignored: education, health and the legal system. We'll also continue to cover the arts and entertainment by bringing to you the people and places making our cultural renaissance possible; but so much more is possible with our new format without crackly annoyances of a fading old radio signal. 

Mitchell Talks New Media is available at YOUR convenience in a variety of formats. There will be not only audio, but streaming video as well. You'll hear more in-depth interviews by more interesting hosts and guests covering, as I like to say, Life in Oklahoma. 

The future is here: Mitchell Talks New Media. Follow me on Twitter @mitchelltalks and keep checking back often.