All of the Above: Week 1

OKOGA's Chad Warmington on the future of the oil and gas industry, and the media focuses on military flight plans and wind farms.  

Oklahoma is an energy state. We produce a lot of energy. But we’re also in the top tier of states in energy consumption. It’s true: Oklahoma uses more energy than California or New York.

There is a LOT Oklahomans don’t know about the enormous amounts of energy our state produces. There’s a simple reason why: a lot of great energy reporters have disappeared, along with their old legacy media platforms. Ironically, as energy media contracts, energy story opportunities are expanding. 

Here’s the good news: the era of the old media gate keeper is dead. Once, the old legacy media held the power to decide what information THEY deemed worthy to pass on to you. Today, digital media is flourishing, and the public, not the media, gets to decide for themselves what they want to hear, see and read. There is so much to learn, not only for the public but also for policy makers.

This week Episode 1 features the President of the Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association Chad Warmington. Mr. Warmington talks about the technology that has radically changed the industry and other game-changing issues that have been virtually ignored by the media.

Also this week: the controversy surrounding SW Oklahoma wind farms, a local community and military flight plans. We’ll ask whether the media is getting ALL the facts in this high-stakes, high-profile disagreement.

And so it is with “All of the Above.” You’ll meet the players in Oklahoma’s new energy era, in their own words focusing specifically on their specialties, in all areas of energy production and technology.

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